D. Smart's Portfolio

Aspiring Full Stack Developer, Hobbyist Game Developer & Video Game Modder

The HTML5, CSS3 and JS logos

Where it all began

I began deliberately pursuing Web Development in July 2020 when I took up an IT course provided by IT Career Switch. Since then I have gained knowledge and experience in the following languages:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript (inclusing ES6)
  • C#
The above languages I would consider myself to be at an acceptable level.
I am also being exposed and learning the basics of the following languages:
JQuery, React, Redux, Node.js, SQL, PHP and more.

I also have experience using the following applications:
GitHub, GitBash, Visual Studio, GIMP.

A behind the scene image of this website.


An example portfolio of mine is this very website. It has been made entirely by myself using the normal front-end languages. It is currently hosted on GitHub pages.

Another example is my Mixed Messages project created under the tutelage of Codecademy.
It is a simple JS exercise on listing quotes from an author of our choosing and changing the quotes on either a button refresh or page refresh. I chose Marcus Aurelius and used quotes from his personal writings Meditations.
I am currently working on another work peice. Please feel free to ask me about it.